Home Automation

Automation Solutions

All of our systems are bespoke and we can create simple control systems. Audio and/or video, lighting systems can be integrated into your heating, blinds & curtains, air conditioning, doors and gates. This enables you to control almost any aspect of your home, from anywhere in or out of your home.

Wall mounted or free standing touch screens or keypads, allow you to control a selection of devices or tasks immediately.

With so many people becoming more aware of the effects that excessive energy use in the home has on the environment, some of our systems can help reduce the amount of energy used in the home by managing their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to work at optimum levels whilst reducing their overall usage. Again, all this can be done from either a touch panel or from the comfort of your chair from a wireless remote control or even over the internet whilst you are away from the property.

A popular form of energy management is to utilise security systems integration to enable a security alarm to turn off equipment when the system is set.